Peter Helliar announces Carrie Bickmore is pregnant. It's news to everyone, even Carrie.

It’s no secret that the stars behind The Project don’t mind a joke or two, and none more so than comedian Peter Helliar.

Despite being visibly unwell, the 40-year-old comedian took a moment on Tuesday night’s episode to congratulate co-host Carrie Bickmore on a recent media report.

“Big announcement,” Helliar said through a croaky voice. “Big congratulations are in order. Carrie Bickmore, baby number three is on its way.”

carrie bickmore pregnant

Helliar on Tuesday night's edition of The Project. Source: Channel 10.

And with that, Helliar handed over a bunch of flowers, Waleed Aly a card, blue booties and a onesie.

"I had a focaccia for lunch..." the mum-of-two said through her own laughter.

To be fair though, food babies are the only babies that really matter sometimes.


Aly and Bickmore on The Project. Source: Channel 10.

The rumour, which appeared in New Idea, came from a report that Bickmore was seen drinking only water at the recent 2016 Logies Awards.

Continuing with the joke, Bickmore explained to the panel, which also included Fifi Box, "Vodka does look like water, I can understand that."

"No, it's in a magazine, and magazines don't lie Carrie!" Helliar continued. "You've been apparently wearing uncharacteristically loose clothes on The Project," he said reading from the article.

"I've been wearing long clothes," Bickmore said laughing.

"That's true, you do look like a bag lady tonight," Helliar joked.

After more light cracks from both Helliar and Waleed Aly, Bickmore spoke to the camera, saying, "Mum, if you're watching at home, no. Okay? No!"

Laughing once more, the media heavyweight continued, "I've just started sleeping!"

Despite firmly putting the "non baby news" to bed, some viewers didn't quite get the punchline and began tweeting congratulations to the 35 year old.

"No, no, no!" Bickmore said waving her arms. "It's not happening!"

"I love that there are people at home watching that with the sound off and that tweet is all they saw," Aly said happily before going to an ad break.