The awkward moment Carrie Bickmore realised a "lie" had been spread about her pregnancy.

Let’s be honest, being pregnant is no easy feat.

Add in the pressure of doing it all in the spotlight, and it’s a lot to deal with.

For The Project host Carrie Bickmore, rumours are just another part of her current pregnancy.

But while you may consider trolls to be the main culprits, it seems the rumours are actually coming from Carrie’s own child.

Speaking on her Hit Network radio show Carrie & Tommy, the mum-of-two shared how her three-year-old daughter Evie has been spreading rumours that her mum is pregnant with twins.

“So the other day I went to pick her [Evie] up from school and one of the mums said, ‘hey amazing,’ and I went, ‘yep, okay’,” the 37-year-old said.

“She said, ‘are you not telling people’, and I was like, ‘er what?’ And she said, ‘that you’re having twins!’ And I was like, ‘pardon?’”

It turns out little Evie had been hard at work, fooling parents and friends at school that her radio host mum was expecting twins.

“[The mum said] Evie spoke about, how she went to the doctor with you, and she went on to tell the elaborate story that Evie had told about us having twins,” Carrie said.

“Often kids lie and you can see through their lies but this mum was fully hooked,” she said, adding that she struggled to convince the mum that Evie was lying.

Earlier this week, The Project host shared the number one pregnancy craving she has been having this time around.

“I’ve made three cakes in two weeks… first it was a chocolate one that was so velvety, I’ve never tasted anything like it in my entire life,” she told her radio co-host Tommy Little.


“I leant over the sink on Saturday licking the bowl [of the third cake] and Ollie said ‘what are you making?’ and I said ‘a birthday cake’, and he said ‘I’ve already had one’… I said ‘you’ve had two and this is your third!'” she said.

Carrie announced that she was expecting her third child back in June, sharing a video to Instagram.

In the video, Carrie’s daughter Evie is told by 11-year-old Oliver and Carrie that she has a “baby in [her] tummy”, to which the three-year-old asked if she was, in fact, having twins.

“Hey some exciting news to share with you. We are having a BABY. How funny is Evie asking if it’s twins. No honey it’s not twins!” Carrie captioned the post.

Have your kids ever spread a rumour about you? Let us know down below!