Carrie Bickmore's bold method for stopping her toddler's tantrums in their tracks.

When it comes to tackling your child’s tantrums, you need to be bold.

That’s the advice The Project host Carrie Bickmore shared with her friend and fellow famous mum Jules Sebastian. And it’s a tip that has stuck with the stylist, who shares sons Hudson and Archer with her pop star husband Guy.

According to Jules, who revealed the mum-of-two’s tip on The Juggling Act podcast last month, Carrie’s approach is simple, but not for the easily embarrassed.

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“I was talking with Carrie Bickmore and she said that her little one had a meltdown and a tantrum – like on of those on the floor, like fists, everything,” Jules told the television personality, who is mum to daughter Evie, two, and Ollie, nine.

“She said she just remembered that someone had told her that you have to mimic the behaviour, so she got on the floor in the shopping centre and did the thing.”

Yes, that’s right – Carrie got on the floor and threw a tantrum to show her child just how silly they looked. And if you can’t believe someone with such a high profile would risk the potentially embarrassing paparazzi shots, neither could Jules.


“I was like, ‘But you’re Carrie Bickmore!'”

While Jules admitted she hasn’t quite been brave enough to try the method herself, she said it worked for Carrie.

“No more tantrums.”

In 2o15, Mamamia‘s Helen Vnuk wrote that stopping a tantrum in its tracks is all about laying down the law early.

“Before you head out on the shopping trip, tell them all about it: ‘We’re going to the shopping centre. We’re going to buy a bag and a lunchbox for your sister. These are for school, not presents. We’re not buying anything for you today (or maybe you’ll tell them that you will buy them one thing – whatever you decide). But afterwards we’re going to the playground.’ Then stick to the plan. Less surprises means less to get upset about,” she wrote.

What have you found works best for stopping tantrums?