Why Tommy Little thinks Carrie Bickmore just gave her son "the worst presents of all time."


When it comes to kids and birthday presents, there’s a lot of questions involved.

From working out how much to spend to how many gifts to buy, there’s so much to consider – and it’s no different for The Project host Carrie Bickmore.

Speaking on her Hit FM radio show Carrie & Tommy yesterday, the mum-of-two shared what she bought her 11-year-old son Ollie for his birthday – and it’s safe to say her co-host Tommy Little was very underwhelmed with her choices.

Admitting that she bought her son a book and a board game, rather than the Fortnite merchandise he asked for, Tommy called her choice of gifts “the worst presents of all time”.


“I’m always telling him to get off Fortnite, and he’s got his mates over, so I’ll get him a board game and then when he gets off Fortnite, he’s got something to play with his mates,” Carrie explained.

“They’re just never going to come to your house,” Carrie’s The Project co-host Tommy joked.

Tommy also shared that another present Carrie bought Ollie was a new tennis racket grip, which she put on an old tennis racket to regift to her son.

But while Tommy poked fun at Carrie’s gift choices, the 37-year-old has her reasoning.

On the topic of kids birthday presents, last year Chris Brown bought his daughter a monkey as a present. Is there any such thing as an excessive gift to give your child?

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“This kid gets a lot of awesome things,” she said. “A lot of them courtesy of the fact that I get sent things that he gets.”

“I don’t want him to be an entitled brat,” she added.

“We’re doing an awesome experience with him on the weekend and I thought an experience is a better present than just buying more stuff for him that he doesn’t need.”

Carrie Bickmore has two children, Oliver and three-year-old daughter Evie.

She’s expecting her third child later this year with her partner Chris Walker.

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