Carrie Bickmore is returning to work, with baby Evie in tow.

We’re excited to see her back on our screens.

In news that will surely please PM Tony Abbott (and his budget’s bottom line), Carrie Bickmore, who is now officially Australia’s favourite TV personality, is returning to our screens to host The Project just three months after giving birth to her daughter Evie.

The trouper hasn’t figured out the finer details of quite how she’s going to make it happen, but says she’s planning to just make it work.

Gold Logie winner and really hard worker Carrie Bickmore.

“I’m a big planner and for some reason when it comes to this going back to work bit, my brain has gone, ‘You know what, you’ll deal with it when it happens’. I don’t actually know how it is all going to work but it will have to work,” Bickmore told Confidential on Nova radio.

Since Evie, Bickmore’s daughter with partner Chris Walker, is still only a few months old, she’s going to come to work every day with her mum and a carer.  “I’ve found someone that is going to come in to work and look after Evie while I’m doing my stuff,” she told Confidential on Nova.

Carrie’s been on The Project since 2009… post continues after the gallery.

“Once she settles into a routine and is a bit older, she will be at home but at first I think she still needs to be attached to me for a little bit longer.”

SQUEEEEEEE! Baby Evie is ready for her close-up. Image via Instagram.

Bickmore also has a son, Oliver, from her marriage to Greg Lange, who died of brain cancer in 2010 after a long battle with the disease. Bickmore dedicated her Gold Logie win to Lange, using her speech to raise awareness of brain cancer and donning a blue beanie and urging others to do the same for brain cancer research.

“He [Greg] was a great father and great husband. He wore lots of hats to hide his scars and I would tell him ‘don’t be embarrassed,'” she said in a heartfelt speech.

Bickmore and her The Project colleagues are a tightknit team. She’s been hosting the show since 2009, the year before her first husband died.

“They have all been incredibly supportive and have seen me through the worst times of my life. ‘There have been times when I didn’t want to go on air and they have got me through it,” she said.

This year has already been huge for Bickmore, with the birth of her daughter and her Logie success.

“I’m kind of looking forward to everything settling down to be honest and just getting into a groove and getting back to work,” she told Confidential on Nova.

Us too, Carrie! See you back on the Project soon.

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