Carrie Bickmore's miserable attempt at healthy homemade snacks proves she is all of us.

Everyone who has ever attempted to make those healthy ‘bliss’ balls will know the feeling that accompanies seeing the finished product before your eyes.


You see, after spending hours mixing organic, gluten-free, non-GM ingredients that you spent hours searching for in the aisles of your local Woolies, (before realising that of course they don’t sell what you need there, so you need to head to some weird organic store that also sells crystals, for some reason) getting your hands dirty rolling everything into some deflated basketball shape and popping one in your mouth?

One huge realisation comes crashing down on you: All that effort was just not worth it.


That’s exactly what The Project host Carrie Bickmore found when she recently whipped up (and by whipped up we mean ‘probably slaved for hours over’) a batch of health balls.

Posting on Instagram, Carrie revealed that in fact, those healthy, supposedly delicious spherical snacks actually tasted “LIKE DIRT”.

Ugh, Carrie, we’ve all been there. There is nothing blissful about eating a ball that tastes like… well, yeah, dirt.

Here are some helpful tips to help you finish off that plate of healthy snacks in no time:

1. Pick up the entire plate of them.
2. Walk to the bin.
3. Tip plate into the bin.
4. Eat some chocolate instead.

Don’t say we’re never helpful, guys.