Carrie Bickmore shares a 'real family photo'.

Carrie Bickmore has shared the perfectly honest family photo that no one dares to share anymore.

The photo is of Bickmore’s family – no one looking at the camera, everyone trying to get the baby to pose and smile at the camera – it’s a reality that we don’t see much anymore.

The Project host captioned the honest family photo with, “This is what family photos used to look like…before we all took 100 photos until we got the perfect one where we’re all looking!!”
The 35-year-old pointed out that this is the reality of family photos if you don’t take thousands before capturing the ‘right’ one.
Bickmore added an array of hashtags with her caption. She wrote, #LookAtTheCameraEvie #smile #evie #LookOverHere #Evie!!!!”
She then described what had happened after the failed photo attempt.
“Everyone collectively makes weird noises to get her to look @SheDoesnt #proud,” she wrote.
The TV host makes a really valid point. Our mums couldn’t agree more. No family really looks like this on their first photographic attempt:
This is not reality. Image via iStock.
Our team shared some of their 'real' family photos (Post continues after the gallery)...

It's like a lot of life shots on Instagram - reality is made to look more 'perfect'. But there's something gorgeous and funny about the failed family photos with your kids.

It's so refreshing to see that someone like Bickmore - who has an ideal life through the eyes of the lens - can remind us that no life is perfect. It's so refreshing to remember that what makes life so great are the imperfect moments, that we don't share but maybe we should, and have a little giggle together.

How many photos does it take for your family to get the perfect snap?

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