Carrie Bickmore reveals one of the reasons she hates Facebook.

Carrie Bickmore has over 240,000 followers on Instagram, 220,000 on Twitter, but she doesn’t have a Facebook page. She’s shirked the world’s largest social media platform, and on last night’s episode of The Project the popular host revealed one of the reasons why.

It’s birthdays. Apparently Carrie finds being inundated with well-wishes rather irritating. “It just annoys me when you get heaps of birthday messages,” she said. “And you know no one has remembered, they just saw it pop up on Facebook, and I don’t think it means the same.”

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Perhaps Carrie was feeling particularly tense at that moment, and who could blame her. The Facebook-themed segment she was commenting on came off the back of “massive technical issues” for the programme that meant no pre-prepared footage could be aired.

It was therefore up to hosts Waleed Ali, Peter Helliar and Fitzy to act out Carrie’s news broadcast, bad birthday-party-charades style.

It must have been horrible for the folks at The Project, but it was horribly entertaining for us. Well done guys.