Carrie Bickmore was so "traumatised" by childbirth, she needed counselling.

Television presenter Carrie Bickmore has said she was so traumatised from giving birth to her first son, Oliver, in 2007, she needed counselling before birthing her second child, Evie, in 2015.

“I found it so traumatic come the birth of my second child I actually had counselling to get myself okay to be able to give birth to Evie because I was so scared after the first experience,” she said on her Hit Network radio program this morning.

“It’s painful, I would have done anything to have the experience erased from my mind.”

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While some mothers claim to “forget” the pain of childbirth, immediately after it’s over, Bickmore said the memory stuck with her.

“They say you forget and that’s why you go back again. I never forgot,” she said.

“The funniest part; it’s hard to get your head around what actually happens. A big thing comes out of a very small place.”

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Carrie gave birth to Oliver in September, 2007. He is the son of of Carrie and her late husband Greg Lange.

Evie was born in March, 2015 and she is Carrie’s first child with TV producer Chris Walker.

“Giving birth is a full on thing, it’s beautiful, it’s special, but it’s also traumatic,” she said.