Carrie Bickmore made a joke about Steve Price on The Project. Then she got attacked.

While you were busy being distracted by Carrie Bickmore’s shock new hair colour (spoiler: it’s amazing), something else went down on The Project last night.

In between the tweets praising Carrie for her brunette transformation were some not-so-nice comments aimed at the co-host, for something she said to guest panelist Steve Price earlier in the show.

After discussing the discovery of a giant truffle, Carrie labelled Price a ‘wanker’, after he suggested that spending $3,700 on the delicacy would be “no problem”.

“You’re a wanker” she said, as she nonchalantly continued on to the next segment.

Carrie Bickmore vs. Steve Price. Image via Channel 10/The Project

Some viewers were outraged that Carrie had made the statement on live television, in front of their families.


We're not sure anyone was quite as shocked as her co-host Waleed Aly, who's face looked like THIS when he heard the comment:

The face of a man who can't believe what he just heard on live TV. Image via Channel 10/The Project.

Of course, some viewers had no problem declaring the fact that they agreed with Bickmore's assessment of the situation.


Carrie's controversial comment comes just a month after Steve Price faced backlash for calling female journalist Van Badham 'hysterical' while appearing on a Q&A panel together.

Bickmore and Price had a heated discussion on air when he appeared to respond to the criticism.

Video via Channel 10

He tried to appeal to his friendship with Bickmore, saying, “I think you know me well enough Carrie that you know I’d never be a part of those jokes, I never joke about those issues, and I take the issue of domestic violence very seriously.”

“This is a really tricky one for me, because people often ask me what you’re like,” Carrie responded.

Listen to Mia Freedman's interview with Carrie Bickmore on the No Filter podcast. Post continues below.

“People say to me, ‘Is Steve Price as aggressive on the desk, as argumentative in real life, is he as grumpy?’…and I often go ‘no, he’s really lovely, he’s really respectful of me…’ I think a lot of what goes on on the desk is theatre.

“But I don’t think there’s any room for theatre when we’re talking about violence against women.

"There's no room for debate or creating good TV...a man talked to you about the death of his sister, and I was so surprised that you didn't immediately want to show compassion, and use that time you have to constructively and positively talk about something I would have believed you really believe in stopping."

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