The last time Carrie Bickmore tried to go brunette, things didn't end so well.

When Carrie Bickmore appeared on The Project last week with brunette hair, she sent viewers into a frenzy.

People were quick to weigh in on the change, unused to seeing the presenter without her trademark blonde hair.

However it’s not the first time the 35 year old has tried to go darker.

“The last time I tried to go brown I was 19 years old and it was a disaster, it came out red and didn’t suit me. I still remember the look on my friends’ faces! I think it scared me off ever trying it again, but thankfully home hair colour has come a long way!” she told Beauticate.

“But I am finding the older I get, the more confident I am getting to take risks. It’s only hair, it will grow back, and it’ll go back to its natural colour, just give it a crack I say!”

It was with the help of Garnier (Bickmore is the face of the brand) that this recent change remained disaster-free.

“I love my blonde but with the change of seasons I wanted to try being a brunette,” she said.


“That’s why I love Nutrisse because it makes my hair so soft and shiny that even when I don’t style it, it looks done. I used Garnier Nutrisse in shade 6, Acorn.”

Whatever the colour, Bickmore is all about low-maintenance.

“While I get it done every day on The Project, on weekends I like to go for a run, duck to a pilates class and have a long list of errands. I need to be able to chuck it up in a pony and get on with things,” she said.

“When I have a good colour, it makes it so much easier.” (Post continues after gallery.)

And while there’s much public attention on her appearance, Bickmore doesn’t get caught up in it.

“I’m conscious of spending more time looking out to the world than in a mirror, it was something my mum taught me. I really want to pass it on to my daughter in this social media heavy world,” she said.

“Of course I like to look nice, eat well, exercise, work hard and have fun, but I like to feel like I am contributing to the world and making a difference, that’s what’s important”.

Hear, hear.

Image: Instagram/TenStyling