Carrie Bickmore sets the record straight on public breastfeeding.

Carrie Bickmore just set a male radio star straight in the best possible way.

The Project host Carrie Bickmore gave birth to her daughter Evie in March, so she’s no stranger to breastfeeding.

Last night on air, Gold Logie award winning mum-of-two proudly defended public breastfeeding — in a smack down that has mothers around the country cheering.

Carrie Bickmore took on Steve Price in an excellent segment on last night’s The Project.

Bickmore, 34, took on veteran radio host Steve Price, 60, over a tweet he sent after seeing a woman breastfeeding in an airport terminal.

Price — a 2GB host with two daughters of his own — tweeted earlier this week: “Discreet public breast feeding no drama but walking through Qantas domestic !!

In the fiery segment on The Project last night, Bickmore asked Price: “Why do women have to do it discreetly, what is your issue with it?”

She pointed out that mothers would feed their children where they need to, “not where you want us to”.

Bickmore questioned why Price felt breastfeeding should be “discreet”.

Price stood his ground, saying: “If my wife and I got off a plane – and we have two daughters, she breastfed both of them – and Wendy said to me ‘I think I might breastfeed Lucy while we walk to the car,’ I would say ‘are you insane? Sit down and do it properly.'”

Bickmore laughingly responded: “I look forward to sitting on your lap in the meeting … and doing it.”

Carrie’s own baby Evie, who was born in March. (Photo: Instagram)

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Price’s tweet — and comments on The Project — have provoked a backlash among some of his 12 million Twitter followers.

Meanwhile, fans are praising Bickmore like mad on social media, with one Twitter user writing: “Thank u… You have no right to comment on women’s bodies or choices” and another Twitter commenter describing her as a “total (and fiery) champ” for taking Price on.

Well played, Carrie.

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