Carrie Bickmore is 'terrified' for her daughter's future.

Carrie Bickmore fears for he daughter’s future. The root of her fear? You’re probably holding it in your hand right now.

In a segment about Australia’s body image crisis, The Project host said she “feels sick” when she think about the impact that social media and selfie culture might have on little Evie, who is currently 14 months.

Image: Instagram

"I've got a little girl and I'm terrified what life's going to be like for her when she hits social media and [will be] having to post a picture and get a like - or a certain number of likes - before she'll go out in the outfit she's wearing," said Bickmore.

"I mean, the whole thing makes me feel sick!"

The 35-year-old mother of two's comments came on the back of a segment that revealed 80 per cent of Australian women are unsatisfied with the way they look.

"When you think about it, a woman's body is just a machine for living in," Bickmore said. "Sure, it can do amazing things like growing babies and reaching high shelves. But it is just a tiny part of who we are. And yet, just 63 per cent of Australian girls and women are proud to be female."

Bickmore said she tries to make a conscious effort to break that cycle early on.

"Whenever you see a little girl, even if she's dressed in the most beautiful dress, instead of the first thing you say is 'Oh my gosh, how pretty do you look?', you should say, "How's your day going? What was the latest book you read?" or something," Bickmore said.

"And often I try to do it, but it just comes so naturally to see a little girl in a little dress and go "how cute do you look?"