2016 has been saved: Bruno Mars just delivered the best carpool karaoke in history.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve seen some top-notch carpool karaoke this year.

Justin Bieber! Iggy Azalea! Adele! Michelle Obama! Madonna!

And those A-listers were all good, sure, but were they as good as the latest one with Bruno Mars?


(Okay, Adele was pretty damn entertaining. But still.)

Funnyman James Corden went for a spin with the Locked Out Of Heaven singer this week and their chat included a delightful mention of Spanx. Oh yes, reader friends, Spanx.

Other notable topics of conversation?

  • Bruno Mars has shoulder moves that James Corden CANNOT pull off in ~le bedroom~
  • Why he wears hats all the goddamn time (his hair, you guys, he’s uncomfortable with his hair).
  • He wants nothing more than alcohol and wet wipes in his dressing room… just… don’t ask.
  • His favourite fabric is silk because “it’s a breathable fabric”. (Right there with ya, Bruno. In silk we trust. Amen.)

Unsurprisingly, the hilarious YouTube video has massed nearly 15 million views in just one day, and is set to be one of Corden’s most popular ever.

You can watch the footage in all its glory below.