The tennis player who left 1.4 million bucks just lying on a court.

Keys? Check.

Wallet? Check.

Giant trophy and tennis gear? Check.

Massive prize cheque? NO CHECK.

Tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki accidentally left a $1.4 million cheque off her check list when she left the tennis court after the US Open.


So this is what happened. Wozniacki came second to Serena Williams at the US Open final a few weeks ago.

She was all smiley and gracious and accepted her silver plate and massive cheque.

Then she packed up, got into her car, went back to her $7 million Manhattan apartment, and chillaxed. Probably watched Project Runway.


At that point, we speculate she probably looked like this (without the tennis racquet and hat):

And then she probably thought: “What should I do?”:

“A-ha! I know! I will drive back to the tennis centre and get my moolah! Yahhhh!”

She got to the tennis centre and reportedly told an official, “I forgot to pick up my prize money”. Fortunately, no one had run away with the cheque. Probably because it was giant and had ‘Caroline Wozniacki’ written on it.

So she got it back. And probably looked like this.

Just goes to show that she wasn’t kidding when she said she doesn’t play tennis for the money. She’s worth $24 million, but she’s in it for the sport. We believe you now, Caroline!

And just because there is some less flattering photos above, we’ll finish with a stunner.

Looks like a million bucks.