"She was extraordinarily kind." Over the weekend, The Project lost one of their own.

On Tuesday night, The Project panel opened up about a 29-year-old colleague, Carla Bellomarino, who passed away suddenly on Saturday morning.

Bellomarino was a producer at The Project for a number of years, before she suffered from a cardiac arrest.

“She was a massive part of our team,” co-host Waleed Aly reflected. “It’s just about impossible to summarise Carla for you.”

“She was full of life, she was a go-getter. She was going to dominate the television industry, there was no doubt about that. More importantly, she was hilarious, she was really funny, she was extraordinarily kind.”

Watch: Waleed Aly remembers Carla Bellomarino. Post continues after video.

He added in his tribute that Bellomarino “was a genuine pleasure to be around”.

“So everyone here at The Project sends their condolences to her parents Vita and Frank and her twin sister Lucy. We want her family to know that we will definitely remember her.”

Following Aly’s tribute, a number of other television personalities shared their memories of the late Bellomarino.

Judge on The Block Shaynna Blaze said in a tweet: “I worked with her many years at Nine and she as you said was lively, fun and just incredible at what she did. Will be so sadly missed.”


A number of other former colleagues also shared their tributes.