Careless Whispers vs Careless Whispers (choose your favourite).

In 1984 George Michael, formerly of Wham, released Careless Whispers.

It was a huge hit. George impressed us all with his vocal talents, white teeth, groomed eyebrows and that strangely crisp tennis outfit in the dying moments of the video. The agony of loss in his voice, the ecstasy of his acting skills (he beds two women in one film clip), the pure ’80s spirit of the blue taffeta dress with puff sleeves his jilted lover wears on a seaplane out of town.

(That’s right, a seaplane out of town and a blue dress with puff sleeves in the same spectacular music video moment. We kid you not.)

Watch the original.

Resurrected by Facebook users and doing the rounds today is an unplugged version of Careless Whispers by Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright live at the Central Park summer stage in New York from 2004.

It’s rougher than the original and lacks George’s permanently windswept hair (a big shame). There are harmonies and falsettos and two blokes with a piano being a little cool. They give it a go despite a distinct lack of puff sleeves.

Here’s the other version.

Video via Cigarette Tenor

It’s like hairspray, gel and mousse vs sea salt spray.

Careless Whispers. George’s way? Or unplugged? What’s your verdict?

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