A traumatising detail in this new M&M's packet has given everyone the heebie-jeebies.

So, apparently, caramel-flavoured M&M’s are a thing now.

While we’d love to join in on the joy and get super excited because frankly, they sound downright delicious, we have to stop.

Because there is something very, very wrong with the new treat’s packaging.

Yes, everything is spelled correctly. The candy looks gooey and tasty and sugary.


Even our good friends Red and Yellow M&M are present. But please take a moment to look at what they are doing.

Then wash your eyes out with soap because you've definitely, maybe witnessed a murder.


Yes, my friends, that is the Orange M&M being ripped apart something you rip, I can't think of anything because honestly I am TOO DARN TRAUMATISED.

What is supposed to be a symbol of all that is good and innocent in the world (yes, we're talking about chocolate) has now become the picture of pure evil.

And the worst part of all? This is the one thing Orange M&M has feared his entire life.

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According to the official M&M's website, Orange's best attribute is that he is "always aware of his surroundings" so you can bet he is BLOODY AWARE OF HIS HORRIFIC TORTURE being immortalised on candy packets across the world.

All of your worst nightmares just came true, Orange. Sorry.

Orange is also described as someone who "doesn't eat, doesn't sleep" because he is far too stressed, and that he believes "everyone is out to get him".

He's even quoted as saying, "I'm a dead man".

Yes, Orange, is seems like you are indeed.

All things considered, we also kind of feel like chocolate now, because Orange M&M's guts do looks kinda tasty...sorry.