Cara Delevingne says bye-bye to her blonde hair.

Image: Getty

Cara Delevingne is known for three things: her gloriously bushy eyebrows, her aptitude for ridiculous facial expressions, and her long blonde hair.

Now, one of those things has gone AWOL. Happily, it’s not the brows.

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Although the Brit supermodel has dabbled with light shades of brown in the past, it appears she’s now gone full dark chocolate. During the Chanel showcase at Paris Fashion Week, 22-year-old Cara walked the runway with her hair browner than ever and slicked down with what looks like some industrial-quality hair wax.

For what it's worth, we think the Dark Side suits Cara.

Also, we suspect she made the big change to restore the natural balance of the universe after Kim Kardashian bleached the bejeezus out of her naturally ebony hair.

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An eye for an eye brunette for a blonde, as the ol' saying goes.

Cara's not the only blonde to go dark, or vice versa — these celebrities have also made the change:

Do you like Cara's hair dark, or are you a fan of the blonde?