Captain America visited a children's hospital yesterday - and the pics will melt your heart.

The patients of Seattle Children’s Hospital were not expecting these visitors.

A month has passed since Chris Pratt (alter ego Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy) and Chris Evans (alter ego Captain America from The Avengers) made their bet to visit a children’s hospital dressed as their movie character if their team lost the Superbowl.

In early February, Pratt donned his Star-Lord suit and visited Christopher’s Haven, a children’s hospital in Boston.

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Now it’s Evans’ turn to suit up. Even though he won the bet, so technically he didn’t have to do anything. But it’s FOR A GOOD CAUSE.

Among the patients of Seattle Children’s Hospital, Pratt and a costumed Evans visited young Colton on Saturday.

Colton’s mother took to Twitter to thank the famous duo, posting an adorable pic of Colton and his idol.

Later on, more photos were posted on the hospital’s Facebook pagewith a comment from the hospital saying ‘The kids were beyond excited to meet Captain America and Star-Lord.”

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Well, if that doesn’t warm your heart on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I don’t know what will.

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