The Candyman has one puzzling rule for the men attending his risqué parties.

While you were busy Christmas shopping or putting up the tree at the weekend, Gold Coast revellers were taking part in a different kind of end-of-year tradition: The Candyman’s annual house party.

If you don’t know who the Candyman is, consider yourself normal. Travers ‘Candyman’ Beynon is a tobacco tycoon known best for his outrageous pool parties held at his Gold Coast mansion.

The over-the-top Playboy-style parties have a Gothic, Halloween-esque theme – this year ‘Freaks Unleashed’ – and often feature entertainment and guests in very little clothing.

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Which is why we were pretty surprised to hear the one rule the Candyman has for his male guests.

Model Brooke Evers, who DJ’d at the event last year told Daily Mail the FreeChoice Australia owner has a rule instructing men at his party must treat women with respect.

“I asked him why it was mostly girls at the party, he said ‘I want the girls to have a good time’. He doesn’t want girls to be hit on all night, he’s so respectful, he treats everyone so well,” she said.

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While we’re not doubting Evers’ experience, we can’t help but feel puzzled by this stance that is supposedly firm on respecting women. To put it simply, it feels disingenuous.

Why? It is flat-out contradictory to the entrance requirements Beynon asks of potential female guests before he allows them to register for entry.

Prospective party-goers are made to upload a “recent” photo of themselves and reveal their “most freaky” trait.

So, while we are relieved steps are taken to make the women at his parties feel somewhat safe with Beynon’s one rule for men, it seems the definition of “respect” has been a little… warped.

And then there’s the fact the bash is organised by a man who regularly posts photos like this:

You think I’m bad…you have no idea. Party Warm up – 8 days to go

A post shared by Candy Shop Mansion (@candyshopmansion) on

Perhaps the rule really is, all male party-goers must respect women, unless you’re the male running the party, right?

Feature Image: Instagram/Missalanawolfe.

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