Considering buying a lip enhancer? This will change your mind.

Images: Brittany Forster (via Daily Mail)

Ever desperately wished there was an easy way to plump up your lips? After reading this, you’ll probably change your mind.

In a mission to get a pout rivalling Kylie Jenner‘s, 24-year-old Brittany Forster invested in a lip-enhancing device called CandyLipz. The apple-shaped gadget, which can be ordered online, works by applying suction to the mouth.

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According to the CandyLipz website, the product can raise the arches of the cupid’s bow, lift the corners of the mouth and can fill in grooves — and these effects should supposedly last up to two hours.

Alas, as with so many dubious-sounding products you can buy on the Internet, Brittany’s reality was, well, different to what she’d anticipated. After two minutes with the Candylipz squeezing her mouth, Brittany removed it to unveil… an enormous, comically swollen pout.

Brittany using the Candypiz device

"I took it off and I just looked in the mirror and I said oh my God what have I done? No, no, no, this can’t be happening," the Sydney-based uni student told the Daily Mail.

To make things even worse, the promised "two hour" duration was... a little longer than expected. It's been four days since Brittany used the device, and her lips remain blue and bruised, having turned bright red on the second day.

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"I was thinking it was permanent. When I put the lipstick on, I was like, well if this is my life now I'm going to have to start enjoying it. I’ll have to embrace it," she said.

Although this experience has been a little, well, traumatic for Brittany, she's also been a good sport and shared footage and photos of her lip-plumping disaster online for all of us to enjoy witness.

You'll kind of want to cry, but it's also so ludicrous you can't help but laugh...

Unsurprisingly, Brittany's sworn off any future CandyLipz adventures. She can also see the irony of how badly her Kylie Jenner lip quest ended.

"The funny thing is that when I saw Kylie Jenner's lips I thought they’re ridiculous, she’s gone too far," Brittany told the Daily Mail. "But joke’s on me because that’s exactly what happened to me."

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Candylipz, on the other hand, said they "loved" Brittany's results and added it's normal for users to experience "temporary" cupping marks (that last for a "conditioning period" of seven days...).

You know what? We're going to stick with overdrawing our lipliner.

Have you ever used a beauty tool that went horribly wrong?