Could this be the most extravagant wedding for Aussie celebs?

It’s a top contender.

When planning a wedding you have many and much advice thrown at you. The main one being…remember, it is just one day.

That is usually from the person nervously holding the money to pay the wedding bill.

But when you are a famous cricketer and Ironwoman, who cares about the budget? Right?

Candice Warner (nee Falzon) and David Warner got married on the Easter long weekend. But now, details of their “I dos” have appeared along with their gorgeous wedding photo gracing the cover of Woman’s Day.

And everyone is talking about Mrs. Warner’s wedding dress. Or more the cost of it.

Image via Candice Warner instagram.

The dress, according to Woman's Day, was a "custom-made gown gifted from Pallas Couture". And if it wasn't a would've cost them $25,000. Yip, that's right, the French tulle and lace wedding dress costs more than your car, the wedding you had or more than the stamp duty on a house.

30-year-old Mrs. Warner and Mr Warner, 28, walked down the aisle in a country wedding estate of Terrara House in Nowra, NSW. The couple's seven-month-old daughter Ivy wore a lace gown with a floral headpiece carried by her cousin, Mr. Warner's nine-year-old nephew.

Woman's Day on sale now.

And while Mrs. Warner's dress stole the show, Mr. Warner made sure to put aside some of the budget for himself.

Woman's Day reports that he arrived, with his three groomsmen, by helicopter to the wedding. It's all about the entrance after all.

And as for his wedding band, he wasn't going to miss out on any diamonds.

The Daily Mail says that Mr. Warner's ring is white gold and black rhodium with pave diamonds. For those who don't know their diamond settings, it is basically five rows of tiny perfect cut diamonds covering the ring. Which would make Mr. Warner have more diamonds than Mrs. Warner with her combined wedding bands and engagement ring. 

The couple on their honeymoon, with only Mrs. Warner's rings in the shot. Image via Candice Warner Instagram.

The Daily Mail reports Mr. Warner's ring is estimated to have cost $10,000 while Mrs. Warner's rings are said to be around $100,000.

David and Candice Warner. Image via Instagram.

But look, you only get married once right? So maybe blowing the budget isn't too bad?

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see Candice, David and baby Ivy Warner:

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