Another Belle? US woman fakes cancer for eight years.

A prominent breast cancer fundraiser turns out to not be the cancer survivor that she led everyone to believe she was.

Tracy Dart was an inspiration to other cancer survivors.

Her eight year struggle with breast cancer led her to become a top fundraisers for cancer research.

Her advocacy was inspiring, and drew sponsorships and a high profile.

Tracy’s fundraising team, “Team Tracy” raised more than $400,000USD for the Susan G. Komen Foundation over the years.

But in past few days it has emerged that Dart never had cancer.

Her family reportedly made the discovery when Dart was admitted to hospital for liver problems and her medical history showed no signs of the disease.

The news of her deception broke after one of Dart’s sponsors, a local car dealership, spilled the beans.

Matthew Welch, the owner of Auburn Volkswagen in Seattle, told local news that a member of Dart’s team had come to see him to break the news.

“The first words were ‘she doesn’t have cancer’. ‘She never had cancer’ were the second words, and it just blew my mind,” he said.

Dart’s blog and Facebook pages have since been taken down, and the Komen Foundation says the money Dart raised through them went to charity.

“Komen was notified of this situation last week and has been in contact with Tracy’s family,” the foundation’s PR manager in the region, Christi Ball Loso, told The West Seattle Herald.

“We are sad for Tracy and her family and hope that she, and they, will find healing in the days ahead.

“The Team Tracy community has been a steadfast supporter of our mission to end breast cancer since 2006. We can assure the community that Tracy did not receive any funds from Komen.

“Our records show that Tracy personally raised $28,541 for Komen starting in 2006, and that her Seattle and California teams raised more than $414,000 since 2006.

“This money has been used as intended – for Komen’s research and community health programs.”


Dart had long maintained the charade.

In 2008, at 33-years-old, Dart first claimed to have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The “diagnosis” came two years after her Aunt died of breast cancer and after Dart had already started fundraising for the disease.

She claimed to be a three-time survivor of the disease.

Seattle police say no one has come forward claiming to be a victim of any fraud perpetrated by Dart, and so there is currently no investigation into her fundraising activity.

It appears that all the money raised went where it was supposed to, and Dart didn’t raise funds for personal support.

It’s a far cry from Australian cancer faker Belle Gibson, who built a wellness empire on the back of her cancer, only to be exposed in 2015 for not ever having had cancer.

Gibson also encouraged people who did have cancer to follow her advice, claiming it had cured her when she wasn’t sick in the first place.

Dart, it appears, has simply used her fake illness to fundraise for people who are actually sick.

Still, some cancer sufferers have said that even though she didn’t profit, the deception is still dangerous.

Commenting on the West Seattle Herald story, one poster said:  “People will think twice about another’s reality because of this woman. When I think back on all the kindness I’ve received since I got sick: the cards, the hugs, the meals, I can’t imagine how her friends and family must feel to have been fooled like this. How can she have ever looked people in the eyes and accepted their gifts of love and support, knowing she was lying? What kind of person does that?”

She added that the ends did not justify the means.

“She could have raised a million dollars for my favorite charity, but if her actions hurt one women with cancer -and they will -then she has done evil. I hope she goes to jail for the fraud she’s committed,” the woman, who has terminal cancer, wrote.

Her sentiments are echoed by many people on social media, who want Dart to face consequences for her actions.