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A Queensland mum has actually done it. She's cancelled Christmas because her kids won't behave.

A mother in Queensland has done it. What so many mothers have threatened before but may never have had the guts to follow through with.

She’s cancelled Christmas. “For now”.

And, to make her point overwhelmingly clear, it appears she’s hijacked the Christmas tree with cling-wrap and delivered a note to her children direct from ‘Elsie the Elf’.

“CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED FOR NOW,” the note from Elsie, stuck to the front of the tree, reads.

“If you want me to keep visiting, a Santa visit, and your tree and presents back, your behaviour needs to improve.”

The Queensland mum sent an image of Elsie’s severe, but very relatable, stance to ABC Brisbane who shared to their Facebook page.

The conclusion is an ultimatum: the kids have one week and “Santa is watching”.

“Santa is very angry and I am disappointed. Be good and say sorry to mum,” the note reads.

Do you hear that, Queensland mum? It’s every exhausted mum around Australia applauding you.

Time to get out the cling film?

It’s a thrifty time of year…

Have you ever threatened to cancel Christmas – and followed through?

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