A wedding caterer got a text from a woman. She quickly became the worst customer ever.

How much would you pay for food per head for a wedding? Does $37 sound unreasonable? Well, this poor caterer’s customer seemed to think so.

The caterer, Oneek, shared on Twitter a text message exchange she had with a potential customer that has appalled basically everyone who’s read it.

The unnamed customer – who is the god-daughter of the bride – tried to haggle with Oneek in the worst possible way, suggesting that she should work for practically nothing because of the “opportunity” for exposure.

After introducing herself as the woman who contacted her through Instagram, the goddaughter proceeded to list the bride’s extensive breakfast buffet menu, which included a waffle and omelette station (with swordfish and crab meat), chicken wings in “all the flavours you can think of”, prawns, salmon and fresh fruit. Oh, and 200 cupcakes.


Oneek did the maths on cooking and preparation time, plus cost of ingredients and came back with what we think is a very, very reasonable price of US$28 per head (AUD$37) adding up to $5000 (AUD$6560) for the minimum 175 people the customer requested.

But the woman didn't see Oneek's quote for the great deal that it was (especially with about two months notice), and instead decided to question the price.


After Oneek clarified that cost was for buying and cooking all the food, the woman cemented her place as one of the rudest customers ever with this reply: "Yeah lol but why that much. You're an Instagram caterer. It's not like you own a legit restaurant lol."

When Oneek, rightly questioned how that changes the amount of time and cost that would go into the job, the goddaughter made a counter-offer of US$2100 (AUD$2750) on the bride's behalf - which is around AUD$16 a head - telling Oneek to "take the opportunity or leave it".

Oneek chose to leave it.


Online, the caterer received plenty of support from fellow Twitter users, who agreed she was totally justified in walking away from that conversation.



Over on Oneek's Instagram page, she shared a message of thanks for the support.

"Thank you to everyone that followed me today all the love and support is VERY overwhelming I’m so grateful and honoured that this many ppl wanna see me win and be great at what I do."

When Oneek becomes the most in-demand "Instagram caterer" off the back of all this publicity, we have a feeling this bride and her goddaughter will be wishing they'd just taken the good deal.

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