"The day my trusted hairdresser of 7 years gave me nits."

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I had been seeing the same hairdresser, Ali, for over seven years. Every six weeks I went in and we’d chat while she cut my hair. I thought of Ali as a confidante and friend as much as a hairdresser.

Until my last visit, that is.

As Ali was combing my hair, I noticed that there was already hair in the comb. Someone else’s hair. Looking back, this was a red flag and I really should have said something at the time, but I didn’t want to make big deal out of it, especially because we knew each other for so long. I let it go and pushed it out of my mind.

Within an hour I was out of there, happy with my fresh new haircut.

The next morning, I noticed that my scalp was a little itchy. It was summer, and I had spent the past weekend at the beach, so I thought maybe it had been a little burnt. (Post continues after gallery.)

When I scratched it, I was horrified to find, wedged in my finger nail, a crawling, disgusting nit.

Straightaway I knew what had happened and I felt sick.

I rushed to the chemist and bought chemical grade products to douse my hair in. Plus a comb. When I got back home I locked myself in the bathroom. After rinsing my hair in the foul smelling liquid, I started combing through it.

Two huge nits came out, wedged in the comb hairs. (Monique Bowley was having a bad hair day – that is until The Glow’s Brittany helped her out. Post continues after video.)

I knew I didn’t have them for long, there were no eggs, but the nits that came out were unmistakably lice. I am never around kids, I work in an office with adults and my head wasn’t at all itchy before I went to see Ali.

I was certain the comb she had used was the reason why I suddenly had lice, and while I felt uncomfortable telling her about it, I thought that she should know. We were good friends – we could get through the awkwardness, surely.


Nervously, I dialled the salon’s number. I knew the conversation would be confronting but what I didn’t expect was how Ali reacted.

After a brief hello I nervously blurted out what had happened. I wasn’t angry, wasn’t rude, I just wanted her to know.

"Nervously, I dialled the salon’s number into my mobile." (Image via iStock.)

The bright tone she'd put on when answered suddenly became harsh.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Ali snapped.

I told her it was highly impossible I got it from anywhere else. I went to the salon then straight home and the next morning was when I realised I had them. I described the two gross nits that surfaced in my hairbrush. I definitely saw hair in the comb she used, and I told her this.

Not only did she flat out refuse to apologise, but she left me with one sentence before hanging up: "You have no proof."

I was shocked, what happened to the customer always being right? Especially considering I was right.

I never went back there again and Ali and I never spoke again.

Have you ever had a bad hairdresser experience?