When men fall in love with sex workers. Yes, it happens all the time.

We’ve all seen the movie, classic ‘boy meets girl with a twist’.

Girl is a regular sex worker, boy is her distinguished, handsome and super rich client.

He books her, they fall in love, there are gifts, make overs and just enough drama until they live happily ever after…

But does the pretty woman effect happen in real life?

It is true that it is a dream of some sex workers to meet their uber-rich love of their life through sex work, fall in love and then gracefully transition from sex worker to trophy wife.

In fact, the Pretty Woman effect has been the hot topic of conversation in the girls’ back room of many brothels.

There aren’t many careers where you get to be so intimate with so many super rich and successful men. And yes, for some this dream does come true.


Image via Pretty Woman/Silver Screen Partners.

I know of one sex worker who is living the Pretty Woman life.

During the course of her career she fell in love with her handsome rich client. Just like in the movie, she left sex work behind, they married, they had children and now her Instagram account reads like the who's who of designers, luxury cars and expensive dinners out, all with a nanny and housekeeper to boot.

But unfortunately, she is the only Pretty Woman that I’ve ever heard of in real life.

What is much more common is sex workers who fall in love with regular lovely clients. And this is because most of our clients are really just average guys.

Most of these women continue to do sex work until they’ve reached their goals, and then retire or not. Getting married and having children along the way.

The sex workers who have these relationships speak about how dating or even marrying a client helps break through the stigma of a history of sex work, which is often a red flag to many potential partners.


Madison Missina in the Mamamia podcast studio. (Image: supplied.)

However, for the majority of us, sex work is simply that; work.

We don’t look to our client lists for potential suitors, nor do we foresee any relationship taking away our independence and our right to do whatever we want with our careers.

And if we look at it, the Pretty Woman effect isn’t really about sex work at all, it's finding that love of your life, or reaching that goal and leaving your old life behind for a life of luxury, or whatever your dream is.

Which is really something that we all dream of and we can achieve, the transition from the old to new.

Which means, from where I sit on this topic, we all can live the Pretty Woman life.

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