'So, should I get a spray tan before giving birth?'

This week on Mamamia Out Loud, we received a curly question:

Dear Bossy,

When I gave birth the first time I felt horrible about myself. I looked ill in all the photos.

So I was planning on getting a spray tan prior to giving birth this time.

But I’m scared of sweating it out, and turning the hospital bed orange. Or maybe the baby orange.

I don’t want to use a self tanner because I want to be fully covered. Mia and Bossy, do you have any experience with this or do your listeners?


This is what Bossy had to say (Post continues after audio):

And here’s the general gist.

Oh Jax. Sweet, sweet Jax. Have you forgotten what pregnancy is like already?

When you’re on all fours and screaming, you won’t be thinking about your perfectly bronzed buttocks.

You won’t be worried about whether your vice grip on the sheets is leaving grubby marks, or whether your face matches your neck.

Your labour doesn’t need a filter, because nobody wants to see that. Not even if you wash it out a bit with ‘Gingham’.

Your birth does not need to go on Pinterest. It doesn’t have to be pretty. You don’t have to look good. And let’s be honest, you won’t really care if you look good.

And in case you’re wondering, your midwife doesn’t care either. Trust us.

We have a lot more questions about pregnancy and giving birth. Post continues below. 

If you need a nice post-birth pic of you and your newborn, pop on some lippy. And okay. If you want to tan – go for it. Just don’t feel like you have to.

As Mia says, “Photos of women after they’ve given birth are the most beautiful photos in the world.”

“The look on your face after you have given birth… is just magical,” she says.

“And that’s the point,” agrees Bossy. “At that moment, you don’t give a shit!”

So let’s make a pact. No more raising the bar on looking beautiful giving birth. This is not your wedding.

Good luck, Jax.

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