These "drunk" animals will make you feel better about your Saturday night antics.

The over-enthusiastic PDA. The bad dancing. The stumbling. The close acquaintance with the floor.

Then there’s the come down and the “why do I do this to myself” hangover.

Many of us know the feeling – and so to do animals, apparently.

Giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘party animal’, according to local South African legend animals including elephants are getting drunk.

They reportedly seek out the fruit from the Marula tree, which when fermented become alcoholic.

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Experts and locals have been noticing the effects in the animals for over 200 years.

While science is sceptical that the animals are actually "drunk" - think about how much alcohol it would take for an animal as enormous as an elephant - a 1984 study showed that some animals chose to become intoxicated enough as to alter their behaviour.

However researchers concluded it was "extremely unlikely" they were getting drunk on marula fruit given that an elephant would have to eat 400 per cent its normal feeding rate while not drinking water to get enough of the stuff.

Either way, it comforting to know we're not alone - and let's just hope someone leaves them a bucket and some water.

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