The Campbell sisters just endured another devastating Olympic result.

The Campbell sisters had one last chance in the Rio pool, after their devastating result in the 100m freestyle event earlier this week.

Despite failing to medal in their favourite event, 24-year-old Cate and 22-year-old Bronte were still gold medal favourites in their final individual swims of the Rio Olympics.

Bronte started in lane two, while big sister Cate was one of the top qualifiers, swimming from lane five.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be, with Cate placing fifth and Bronte finishing seventh.


With only 50 metres to swim, there was only twelve one hundredths of a second between first and sixth place.

In a post race interview, Cate admitted that her 2016 Olympic campaign hadn’t been “her best”.

“[That swim] wasn’t my best, but it’s fair to say this week hasn’t been my best,” Cate said, still maintaining a smile.

“The world got to witness the biggest choke in Olympic history. It hurts, but maybe I’ll stick around for another four years.”

Sister Bronte also shared her disappointment, but refused to make excuses for her performance.

“The only time you’ve failed is when you start making excuses for your failures,” she said.


Cate and Bronte celebrate after winning gold and bronze in the Women's 100m Freestyle finals at the world championships. Source: Getty

"I've come away from my 2016 Olympics with a gold medal, which I got to win with my big sister, so [the event] hasn't been a complete failure."


Earlier this week, Cate had a message for her Australian supporters, thanking them and asking them to "please still love me back" after her 100m swim.

"I've always said I don't need a gold medal to have self worth and that's being put to the test at the moment," she said after the heartbreaking loss.

Earlier this week, the siblings made history in Rio, as the first Australian sisters to win gold in the same event, the 4 x 100m freestyle relay.

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