Campbell 'Pookie' and Jett Puckett are the internet's favourite couple. They just announced major news.

Before finding fame on TikTok, Campbell and Jett Puckett were an ordinary couple who did fairly ordinary things. 

Sure, they got engaged six months after meeting, which is relatively quickly to say the least, but their days were spent watching football, building Ikea furniture and travelling.

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Now, they're considered one of the internet's most viral couples. 

It all started when Jett made an appearance on Campbell's TikTok account, where she's been sharing fashion advice since 2018. 

The video, which now has over 10 million views, sees Jett refer to Campbell as "Pookie". In another, he told her she was looking "absolutely fire tonight".

From that moment, viewers couldn't get enough. 

Pookie and Jett announce they're expecting.

The couple are currently riding another high right now as they embark on a new chapter in their relationship: becoming parents.

Speaking to People, Campbell and Jett announced that they were expecting.

"We've always dreamed of becoming parents. Jett and I have been together for nine years, married for six, and I'm most excited to see him become a dad — I've thought about that since I met him," said Campbell.

"Our life has been building up to this moment, and we could not be more excited and blessed to bring another life into the world," the couple told the outlet.


"We're ready for this next phase in our life and this new purpose as parents."

Campbell also shared the exciting news on her Instagram, posting a video of herself and Jett doting over her baby bump.

"Our greatest blessing. Baby Puckett coming soon," she captioned it.

As they gear up to become parents for the first time, let's take a look back at their relationship.

How Campbell and Jett Puckett met.

Campbell and Jett first crossed paths in 2015, when Jett was studying business and law at the University of Philadelphia and Campbell was working as a flight attendant. 


Campbell immediately caught Jett's eye at a wine bar, and from there, it was history.

"Jett always says he walked up to the prettiest girl in the bar and started talking to her," the TikTok star told E! News about their first encounter. 

They sparked an immediate connection upon realising they both attended college in the Southeastern Conference — he graduated from the University of Georgia and she studied at Ole Miss.

Over the next couple of months, Jett climbed the ranks in Campbell's good books. He helped her move into a new apartment and went above and beyond whenever she needed him.

"It was just so, like, hot and I'm like, yes, this man can do anything," she said in a TikTok video.


Six months after meeting, Jett popped the question while the pair holidayed in Spain.

"I made the story that we were going to really nice dinner," he said. "So that Campbell would be dressed up."

"We talked about getting engaged, of course, but I had no idea that he had bought a ring," said Campbell. "I blacked out whenever he did it, because I was just so in shock. I was like, how did you pull this off? I barely even remember the actual engagement itself. But then I like came back to life. After I saw the ring, I was like, 'Holy shit.'"

There's no big surprise that that was her reaction, given that Jett proposed with a 6 carat oval cut diamond, surrounded by a halo with pavé setting. It's a whopper.

The social media couple went on to tie the knot in April 2018.

Campbell and Jett's TikTok career.

In 2017, Campbell quit her flight attendant career to launch her fashion, lifestyle and travel blog You Should Wear That.

But she wouldn't find fame until years later when she started posting her OOTDs to TikTok with Jett. 

"I would always record his reactions of my outfits and my girls loved seeing it," Campbell told E! "And then when I started showing it to more people, it kind of really caught on."

Campbell's TikTok now boasts close to 900,000 followers, with viewers tuning in to see the couple's interactions with one another and of course, their fire outfits. 

As they enter a new stage in their lives, we can't wait for them to take us along the journey.

Feature Image: Instagram.

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