Aussie legends wanna turn Pauline Hanson's fish and chip shop into a Halal food shop.

While the major parties are busily scheming to cut Pauline Hanson’s senate time in half, some Aussie heroes are hatching a dastardly plan of their own.

A new crowdfunding page is trying to scrape together the cash to buy the Senator-elect’s old Ipswich fish and chip shop and turn it into a pop-up Halal snack pack store. Or a kebab shop.

So far they’ve only managed to raise $125 but that’s not really the point.

The point is to, er, “make a point” after Hanson refused an election night offer from Labor’s Sam Dastyari to take her out for the chip-based Halal speciality in Sydney’s western suburbs sometime.

If you missed it, it was arguably one of the highlights of Saturday’s election coverage.

Pauline visibly squirmed at the suggestion before declaring she  was”not interested in Halal” nor, apparently, befriending her future fellow senator.

The likelihood of the rather amusing campaign reaching its $100,000 target is of course slim but, happily, the store already belongs to Thanh Huong Huynh and her husband Huong Van Nguyen — a friendly Vietnamese couple who came to Australia seeking asylum more than two decades ago.

Feature image: Facebook/Wikipedia