Sorry, Boss: A Today Show host slept in this morning.

We’ve all been there…

Today‘s Cameron Williams missed a live cross from Brisbane this morning because he apparently missed his alarm and overslept.

His co-stars, were quick to give their buddy some stick. Deborah Knight and Wendy Kingston took to twitter to rub it in by starting the hashtag- #Camsleptin.

Cameron Williams slept in
(Image via Twitter)
Cameron Williams slept in
(Image via Twitter)

Williams tweeted last night that he was eagerly awaiting the NRL local derby between the North Queensland Cowboys and Brisbane Broncos at Suncorp Stadium.

Cameron Williams slept in
Big night Cam? (Image via Twitter)

Now maybe it is a little cheeky to suggest, but perhaps Williams was not exactly ‘camera ready’ this morning after a big night.

But Cam, don’t despair. You’re not the first breakfast TV host to be struck down by the sandman. As Mamamia previously reported, Georgie Gardner forgot to set her alarm back in 2014.

And to be honest, we don’t really blame her, or Cameron Williams. There are only so many 4am starts you can put up with before accidentally on purpose forgetting to set your alarm…

Have you ever slept in and missed something important?

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