Watch out, WAGs. You're apparently to blame for your partner's on-field mistakes.

In case you missed the memo, the girlfriends of sportsmen are absolutely to blame for their partner’s on-field indiscretions.

Well, that’s what an army of Instagram trolls clearly believe, considering they flocked to Caity Paris’ account to leave disgusting – and, frankly, absurd – comments.

“LOOK AT THESE F**KING FILTHY HUMANS,” one particularly incensed man wrote on the millennial’s photo.

“How does it feel to be the girlfriend of a cheat?” another added.

“This hoe probably cheats too.”


If you’re asking ‘Caity who?’ don’t worry, you’re not really supposed to know the 21-year-old Perth woman’s name. By all accounts, this is just a regular 20-something who loves netball and works retail in her home city of Perth.

Oh, and she happens to be dating Cameron Bancroft, the man at the heart of the ball-tampering scandal that has detonated Cricket Australia. Bancroft, 25, and a newbie playing in just his eighth test, is one of many buried under the rubble of the team’s reputation.

The Mamamia Out Loud team discuss the case of David Warner and his wife, Candice Falzon.

Bancroft is, it seems, one of many who will take the fall for what is a stupid (and pervasive) act, and that bit of yellow sticky tape will stain his name for the rest of his career. He is guilty of breaching article 2.3.5 of CA’s Code of Conduct – for conduct contrary to the spirit of the game – and for this he will likely face a year-long ban from the sport. We’d be foolish to think he’s the first Australian player to scuff the ball in ways outside the rules; he’s just the first to take the fall for a culture that has probably been broken for a very long time.

Caity Paris, though, is guilty of nothing. And yet, her Instagram page has been swilled with a large cocktail and fury and hate, as if she is to answer for her partner rubbing a cricket ball in a certain way, as if she deserves to be drowned in shame for something she took no part in.

Like Candice Warner, entrepreneur and wife of vice captain Dave Warner, Paris is not to blame for the actions of her professional athlete partner.

A woman is not responsible for her male partner’s mistakes. In case we’ve forgotten, she is a completely separate human being. You know, with her own central nervous system and everything!

So let’s leave the women out of it, yeah?

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