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The camerawoman caught tripping fleeing asylum seekers has been charged.

The Hungarian camerawoman caught on film kicking asylum seekers who were fleeing police has been charged.

The footage of Petra Laszlo tripping a man with a small child in his arms went viral after it was posted to Twitter by a German reporter in September last year, and a global outrage followed.

The footage quickly went viral after surfacing on Twitter. (Image: Twitter)

"The accused is charged by the Public Prosecutor's Office of Szeged with breach of the peace," Zsolt Kopaszsaid, theCsongrad county chief prosecutor said in a statement.

"The violent actions of the accused did not inflict injury, however her behaviour was capable of provoking indignation and outcry in the members of the public present at the scenes."

On the day Laszlo tripped the man, hundreds of asylum seekers had broken through a police line close to the Syrian border.

Laszlo, who lost her job over the incident, was working for N1TV at the time - a Hungarian television station with far-right political ideology.

The prosecution said a more serious charge for the action was not possible, as there was no reasonable chance of the man or child obtaining serious injury.