We're not so sure about this new "superfood".

Just when you thought your local supermarket shelf couldn’t physically support any more superfoods (or, for that matter, varieties of milk) along comes…


As in milk from a camel – which looks something like this:

Yep, sorry cows; it seems like you’ve been usurped by your three-humped friends. However, we’re in no rush to add this new type of milk to our cappuccinos – you’ll understand why in a moment.

That’s right, it’s that time of week again. The Glow team has cherry-picked the three top stories of the week, just in case you missed them. Drum roll, please…

Is camel milk the new superfood? I sure as hell hope not”:  Jamila Rizvi has a bone to pick with camel milk and all other so-called ‘superfoods’: “Am I really the only one who is willing to admit that the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes? That kale is not delicious, but actually tastes like dirt?” she writes.

If you’re sick of kale, chia seeds and the rest of ’em, we guarantee this rant will have you fist-pumping.

If motivational fitness photos told the truth: If there’s one thing more eyeroll-worthy than superfoods, it’s #fitspo. You know, those images and quotes that are supposed to get you all pumped up to work out, but are usually so aggressive in nature that they’ll scare you off exercise all together, and back into the welcoming arms of Cabury Top Deck. Well, a couple of comic geniuses decided to give these ‘motivational’ posters a makeover – and the results are hilarious (and, more importantly, SANE).

The genius tool for people who can’t paint their nails: Look, painting your nails is not as easy as it looks. One slight wobble of the arm and your fingers start resembling a Jackson Pollock painting. If this sounds familiar, you need to get your hands on this product. It’ll save you so much time (and heartbreak).

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