The Bachelorette Cam's neighbour made the sweetest gesture and we can't get over it.

Following his exit from the Bachelorette mansion last week, Cam Cranley has been the subject of plenty of media attention.

The WA Police set out a satirical warning to all women of Perth to not set their houses on fire hoping to be saved by Cam, women have been proposing to him online, and even passers-by in the street have been extending their support.

Listen to our heartbreak after Cam wasn’t given a rose by Georgia Love. (Post continues after audio.)

Now, there’s another one.

On his Instagram story, the 26-year-old shared how his wonderful neighbour, Mischa, baked him cookies to “cheer him up”.


If you can't read the sweet note left by Mischa, she has written in her beautiful curly writing:

To Cameron, 

Really sorry to see that you diddent win the bachelorette. I think you should have won. 

Here is some cookies. 

I hope they make you happy. 



We have decided the way to get to Cam's heart may not be through setting fire to our homes, but baking him cookies, adopting him a puppy, and serenading him with a "Whole New World" from Aladdin.

Does that sound okay, Cam?