We may have just caught Fireman Cam flirting with Nikki Gogan.

They’re the reality TV couple of our dreams.

The Bachelor’s Nikki Gogan and The Bachelorette’s Cam Cranley were audience favourites this year as they tried to find love on our screens, and all we want — I repeat, ALL WE WANT — is for them to find love with each other. 

And now, it looks like that very well might come true.

On Thursday night, Gogan uploaded a photo of herself at a Linneys Jewellery event, wearing a goddamn engagement ring. Sure, it was one she was simply trying on, but still.

“Last night, I only tried on the jewellery I could afford,” she wrote.


But Fireman Cam’s comment on the post (which, interestingly, has since been deleted) had fans particularly excited.

What's...what's that down there? Image via Instagram.
Is that...is that Fireman Cam? Image via Instagram.
GOODNESS. Image via Instagram.

Is he... is he... offering to BUY the ring?

Oh my.

The comment attracted attention from Nikki's followers, who (if they're anything like us) thought all their dreams had come true at once. But once it was deleted, fans wondered whether it meant something more serious than what we first assumed.

"Us crazy stalker folk scared him," wrote one Instagram user, before speculating, "or maybe it was meant for a private msg."

You guys. This is huge. Image via Giphy.

"I really want this to be love!!!" wrote another fan.

As do we all, kind stranger. As do we all.

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