"Definitely say NO." Woman's warning after pedicure tool leaves her almost losing her leg.

WWARNING: Graphic images.

Oh no. Just no.

A US woman almost lost her leg after it became infected from a tool used during a pedicure at an “A grade” salon.

Tracy Lynn Martinez has shared her horrific experience on Facebook, which saw her suffer extreme symptoms and require hospital treatment after a trip to her local salon in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on June 22.

“I just wanted to share my story to save someone from going [through] what I’m going through or even death,” she said.

At the salon she has chosen not to name, WFMY reports Tracy noticed she received two cuts on her heel from the callus cutter, or scraper – a sharp tool used to removed rough skin.

The day after the pedicure, the 35-year-old said she was experiencing chills, nausea and vomiting. Thinking she just had a bug she went to bed, but woke up the next day to find her leg had swollen dramatically.

After an ambulance ride to hospital, Tracy was taken to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with a “serious case of cellulitis”.

Cellulitis is a bacterial skin infection that, without treatment, can be life-threatening.

Image: Facebook

Doctors told Tracy the infection came from streptococcus bacteria that entered her system through the cuts on her heel caused by the callus cutter.

For that reason, the mum had a simple message for followers: "I have been through hell, pain, shock, all of it.... But I want to raise awareness. Say NO to the callus cutters/shavers."

"There is no way to properly disinfect this tool to continually [use] on people. I no longer recommend pedicures but definitely say NO to these callus shavers if you do go!"

Callus cutters are actually banned from use in salons, CBS reports.

Image: Facebook

Tracy spent two weeks in hospital, while taking antibiotics to treat her infection. The student also shared gruesome-looking photos of her leg throughout her recovery. She continues to take medication, and says that she will need to take another type for the rest of her life.

"Every day was a new chapter of what was going to happen to my leg. Was I going to lose my leg? Was I going to lose my life?"

Tracy isn't the first woman to be hospitalised after a pedicure.

In March this year, Indiana woman Jennifer White noticed her foot started to turn purple after she went for a pampering session at a salon. Later she suffered "more pain than she had ever experienced" while fighting the infection in hospital.

White also decided to warn others on Facebook, explaining that it was either the pumice stone or a - wait for it - callus scraper that caused her infection.

"Well the pumice stones and the scrapers (which are prohibited in all nail salons but they use them anyway) are not sanitised....AT ALL. Therefore someone else's germs are always on them.

"When they use the pumice stones or scrapers it causes tiny breaks in the skin where infection can set in."

Lesson learned.

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