Cal Wilson's brutal Easter egg note is the laugh all weary parents need this Easter Sunday.

We can all agree the Easter Bunny, wherever he/she might be, would be kicking back with a glass of chocolate milk right about now as a reward for all of their hard work.

By Easter Bunny, we of course mean the selfless parents who stayed up until their over-excited kids fell asleep to hide Easter eggs around the house and garden, only to be woken up at an ungodly hour by said kids to find said Easter eggs.


To you, we present Cal Wilson’s brutally honest Easter eggs note to give your weary, tired soul the chuckle it so desperately needs.

The New Zealand-born comedian shared a photo on her Facebook page of a generous cluster of eggs, presumably for her son.

But alongside the chocolates was a note that pretty much sums up what we secretly wish we could tell our kids about Easter.

“Your mum is so tired, this is no longer funny,” the note read.

“I bought the eggs, there is no Easter Bunny.”

The post definitely resonated with parents who’ve gone to a lot of effort this Easter long weekend, with many tagging their friends who could also do with a laugh.

“You just made my day Cal, you are such a fun mum,” one parent also commented on the post.

“Thank you for that belly laugh,”  wrote another.

Speaking of hyper kids, do you set limits on how many Easter eggs they’re allowed to eat, or do you let the kids dig in? We discuss, on our podcast for imperfect parents below. Post continues after audio.

While we can confirm the Easter Bunny’s note was in fact swapped out with a ‘proper clue’ as not to shatter the illusion, we kind of feel like leaving it out wouldn’t have been so bad.

Because everyone knows hiding, and then finding the eggs isn’t the worst part about Easter.

That would be parenting one or more small humans jacked up on sugar for hours after.