Caitlyn Jenner shares her first candid photo.

Surrounded by her girlfriends- Caitlyn Jenner’s first candid snap is happy, relaxed and gorgeous.

After making the entrance to end all entrances, gracing the cover of Vanity Fair last week, Caitlyn Jenner has shared a private photo that is slightly more understated, but every bit as lovely.

“Learn from those who have walked the path before you. #TransIsBeautiful #LivingOurTruth #JustTheBeginning” she posted on Twitter, sharing a photo of herself and some girlfriends, arm in arm by the pool, overlooking some impressive Californian mountains.

From the hashtags used, it can be assumed Jenner’s friends are also members of the trans community – women who have have no doubt helped her on her journey to become the woman she has always been. There have been myriad reactions to Jenner’s transformation, some of them good, and unfortunately, others not.

A far cry from the laced corsets and Lauren Bacall curls of her stunning Annie Leibowitz photo-shoot, Jenner, third from the left, is wearing blue skinny-jeans and a flowing floral top, her hair in loose waves.

Having spent time in San Francisco this week at the Human Rights Campaign, Jenner was ‘moved.’ “Can’t wait to share more with you,” she said on Twitter.

Jenner’s eight-part documentary series “I am Cait” will be airing on the E! Network, starting July 26.

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