Caitlin Stasey isn't mad. She's brilliant.

 Australian actress has opinions on things.  

Successful young woman has sexual relations with other humans, talks about it openly. 

Famous woman has nipples and also a pet dog.

Any of these sentences accurately describes what happened when ex-Neighbours star Caitlin Stasey shared a series of honest tweets with her 30,000 followers last night.

But instead of taking time to hear what Stasey had to say, the media has today labelled her tweets a “sexually explicit rant”, “bizarre” and “too rude to publish”. News websites also dug out this photograph that Caitlin posted on Instagram 3 months ago, to run alongside the quotes from her Twitter account.

Presumably to make it look like Caitlin had to get topless to get attention for her angry tweets. But actually, the photo and the tweets were quite separate.

Tabloid press would do well to remember that Caitlin is a person and not her soapie-star alter-ego. Then they’d know that Caitlin just made some insightful points. And this is Twitter, so she only had 140 characters for each thought. The girl is both strong and succinct.

If you don’t know her, Caitlin Stasey is a 24-year-old actress who used to star in Neighbours. She also played the lead female role in Tomorrow When The War Began, and is currently getting naked pretty regularly as King Henry II’s fictional mistress in the TV show Reign.

Last night Caitlin’s Twitter feed became a stream of consciousness that would give any celebrity publicist nightmares. Here it is. Can you handle it?

WARNING: Caitlin uses rude words in graphic context. She also drops a series of truth bombs that have made people uncomfortable enough to call her deranged, filthy, and naughty. If you’re a delicate flower, look away.


For everyone else, here we go. Caitlin’s thoughts…

On oral sex:

On allegations that fashion photographer Terry Richardson has sexually assaulted women he’s worked with:

On rape apology and fame:

Miscellaneous musings on life:

Responding to the vicious backlash that came after all her tweets:

Caitlin has since accused the media of restricting her right to talk about sex, taking away her agency as a woman, and portraying her as crazy.

She’s not impressed by how she has been portrayed or labelled in the press and frankly, neither am I.

This is just a famous person voicing opinions most people are too scared to say out loud. Apart from Kanye West, when’s the last time you remember a member of the fame club being this honest? Actually, do you even have real-life friends who are?

If celebrities were always this confident about sex, fame and power, we wouldn’t call Caitlin Stacey rude or perverted. We’d treat it as totally fucking normal that a woman has opinions. And nipples. And a really cute puppy dog.

Photographic proof that Caitlin Stasey is amazing: