Victoria had to cancel her job trial at a cafe. The boss' bizarre response has gone viral.

Job trials are often exceptionally stressful.

When a woman in the UK wasn’t able to make her training shift due to bad weather and delayed public transport, the boss’ texts shocked her.

The exchange has gone viral, after Victoria Atkins, the potential job applicant, posted the messages to her Facebook page, slamming the cafe manager for being “very rude, racist and nasty”.

At first it all seemed fine when Atkins sent a message to the manager, apologising for her lateness.

“No problem for today. Safe Journey,” he responded.

But when Atkins, 22, asked to reschedule the trial, the manager at the cafe in England, sent a shocking response.

“Sorry you are having a stressful morning,” he began. “It’s probably better you did not succeed in getting the job because you can never be late or miss work at our business. Ever.

“You cannot ever even call in sick as this is not allowed.

“Literally, you have to be at work as scheduled with us and if you do not, you get a whole day’s wages from your previous shift docked and then are sacked if it happens just once again.”

“We are British, but generally cannot ever manage to hire British due to poor work ethics,” he concluded.

cafe job trial
Image: Facebook.

Atkins promptly slammed the boss for his discriminatory remarks.

"Excuse me? How dare you be rude to me like that because I am British. I'm glad I didn't get the job there now... You are an awful business owner," Atkins responded to the business owner's text.


Not backing down, the business owner responded to Atkins, attempting to justify why he does not employ British people. He told the woman that a poor work ethic "is highly synonymous with being British".

When Atkins replied that she felt sorry for one of their current employees because "it is not normal to never be sick in the space of 3 years", the man once again proved his awful attitude.

"Yes, it is normal for thin, healthy people who don't eat bacon," he bizarrely told the unsuccessful job candidate.

cafe job trial
Image: Facebook.

Talking to the UK Telegraph, the business owner defended his claims, and once again slammed British people for their apparent work ethic.

"Our experience of running a small, private, family-run coffee shop in Hove is that the very poorest type of employee is a British one. Full stop," he told the publication.

"The last candidate you want to take on - and we try ardently to hire everyone - is British.

A spokesperson for the Trades Union Congress also spoke to The Telegraph, confirming that "it's illegal to discriminate against job applicants based on their ethnicity."

"If he's looking for the title of Britain's Worst Boss, it sounds like he's going about it the right way."