Why do we still find a woman's breasts in public so offensive?

A cafe owner shamed a breastfeeding mum. Again.

So, let me get this straight. A famous woman can get her naked butt on every computer screen in the world and we’re cool with it. But a new mum can’t breastfeed her child in a cafe, discreetly moving aside her top for her kid to suckle?

What is this?

An English cafe called Tillings has told breastfeeding mothers to take their babies and their breasts into the disabled bathrooms, rather than feed in public. Because the sight of mother nourishing her baby is that offensive.

But hey, they say you can have a chair! ONE. CHAIR.

Having only one chair, I assume it's a strange game of musical chairs and the one with the loudest child wins the space to feed their child. Either that, or wait in the cafe with a screeching child, desperate for food, for the lone chair to become available.

Either way, if you go to this cafe, this is the one place you can feed your beautiful child...

The disabled toilet of Tillings Cafe, where mothers were asked to feed their children.

Cue the National Childbirth Trust (only the largest parenting charity in the UK) contacting the cafe to rightly request that the sign be removed:

"Asking customers to breastfeed in the toilet is a breach of human rights. It's laughable that they seem to suggest groups of mother's take it in turns to use the chair in the loo" - Sophie Stone, local mother

Since the internet made the managers accountable aware of the offence that the sign has caused, a formal apology has been issued with owner June Radford stating that she "can only apologise for any miscommunication" and notes that "we have had many happy breastfeeding mums in our cafe in the three years we have been open and we continue to support breastfeeding. We have never and would never ask anyone to stop breastfeeding in the cafe, nor leave the cafe".


In a week where the internet "has been broken" by constant pictures of Kim K's moneymaker, it's inconceivable that people are still offended by a woman's body.

Only this week, another Facebook user, and mother, had images reported as "offensive" after she posted a picture breastfeeding her 12 week old baby. And look how completely beautiful that moment is:

Emma Bond had this photo reported to Facebook for breach of standards. Apparently this is "offensive".

So it's okay for Kim to be totally naked, but for a mother to nourish her child- how very dare you! Think of the children!

Strangely, that's a confusion actress Alyssa Milano articulated beautifully this week:

Wait! I don't get it. No disrespect to Kim but... people are offended by my breastfeeding selfies & are fine with her (amazing) booty cover?- Alyssa Milano

Let's just be clear. The "offensive" one is apparently the one on the left.

Look, if breastfeeding mums can't feed their kids in cafes... Maybe it's time we all get together and break the internet for real -- with beautiful breastfeeding photos.

Have you ever been shamed in public for breastfeeding?

If you'd like to join that revolution, post your photos using #BreakTheInternet and #NormalizeBreastfeeding.

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