Cadbury, are you for real?

Do you know what, Cadbury?

There is one thing you just don’t f*ck with, and that’s our chocolate.

Over the years we have let slide several sly tweaks to our classic chocolate flavours: a pinch of salt into our caramel, a touch of chilli to our dark chocolate. But with the announcement today of combinations like ‘Beetroot Crunch’ and ‘Kale Creme’, Cadbury has basically launched all-out warfare.

The world is in uproar as our beloved chocolate manufacturer has casually announced the addition of new flavours to their current repertoire as part of their centenary celebrations. Man, and we thought Orange Cream was a weird flavour.

So far, Cadbury have confirmed the addition of Wasabi Crunch, Beetroot Crunch, and Kale Creme to the hallowed Milk Tray selection.

Dave Shepherd, head of research and development at Milk Tray, said:

“Beetroot is one of the ways you can get the red colour without using artificial colourings.

“Kale is more of a gamble, but people are much more health orientated and crispy kale is already being eaten by some as a substitute for crisps.”

And here we were thinking that Vegemite chocolate was the beginning of the end…

Proving that the attention span of Gen-Y is, well, microscopic, Dave ‘Willy Wonka’ Shephard has decided it’s all about making chocolate exciting again.

“We like to think of it as akin to the fashion catwalk — we’re experimenting with ideas that won’t actually appear on the shelves,” he said.

“Instead you may see new flavours inspired by these further down the line. This reflects how we’re always innovating to create the best possible products for our consumers, developing hundreds of flavours before selecting the winning few.”


Well, it would seem even chocolate isn’t safe from the superfood invasion.

What’s next? Chickpea and Chia Seed Crunchie? Spirulina Mint Pattie? Spinach and Carrot Mars Bar?