'Cable Girls' is the high drama Netflix show to binge-watch this weekend.

Netflix’s latest original series is the perfect antidote to a dull weekend.

Cable Girls or Las Chicas Del Cable is a stylish new period drama with an undercurrent that’s as dark as it is sexy.

Think Baz Luhrmann class meets Real Housewives melodrama but without the fake fighting.

Listen to a bite-sized review of why you should watch this show here. 

Cable Girls follows the lives of four phone cable operators as they march their way through male-dominated Spanish society.

The series is set in 1920s Madrid and is Netflix’s first Spanish production. It is also shot in Spanish, so prepare yourself for subtitles if your Spanish skills are capped at stand-up taco ads.

Central character Alba (Bianca Suarez), opens the series with the story of her past and current life as a seductive thief. Alba soon finds herself involved in a criminal plot to take down the Madrid telephone exchange.

Blanca Suárez as Alba Romero in Cable Girls. (Source: Netflix.)

Disguising herself under the name of Lidia, Alba sweet talks her way into getting a job at the exchange before attempting a high-stakes heist. Things are soon complicated by the sudden appearance of an ex-lover she thought she would never see again.

Cable Girls will satisfy even the most drama-hungry viewer. As soon as its characters overcome one issue, another rears its head.

Hosts Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk discussed the series this week on The Binge television podcast.

Cable Girls has already been renewed for a second season. (Source: Netflix.)

Laura spoke about how the series was so unashamedly over the top it was like watching a Latin American serial-drama.

"It's crazy over dramatic. It's almost like a telenovela, in the first few minutes it opens on this lush, opulent 1920s party," she said.

"And then you have this women shot at and these women escape to Madrid for their new lives."

Laura said the real draw card of the series is how faithful it is to the era.

"The attention to detail in re-creating these 1920s scene - in the music they listen to and the food that they eat and the clothes that they wear," she said.

Draw your eyes to the building in distance for some true architectural porn. (Source: Netflix.)

It's no great surprise the men and women in Cable Girls are coiffed and cuffed to perfection but even the smallest background details seem accounted for.

The walls on ever set are painted with a pattern common to the era, the colour schemes are softly nostalgic - even the pot plants suit the mood.

Cable Girls was given the overall tick for non-stop indulgent viewing.

"It's a really good one to just sit down and binge and just let the drama wash over you," Laura said.

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