I've just discovered a brush that makes me look like I've had a blow dry. And it's less than $40.

I’ll be honest. When it comes to beauty/personal grooming, I’m a bit of a “that’ll do” kind of person. Some may call it lazy… and they’d be right. When I shave, it’s to the knee; when I use makeup, it’s a blob of tinted moisturiser; when I use a blow-drier, it usually means someone is getting married.

I even made the mistake of cutting my hair short because I thought it would be more manageable. (It isn’t. It really isn’t.)

It’s a problem, because while I may not always have the inclination to spend 30 minutes wielding a ‘ghd’, I also want to look half decent sometimes. But I think I’ve found a solution: a ceramic straightening brush. I’ve gone with the Cabello Glow.

cabello glow straightening brush review
Cabello Glow, in red. Image: Supplied.

Yes, it's a two-in-one situation. But unlike most products with that boast, it actually performs each of its functions well. The teeth worked through minor tangles and smoothed out frizz and wayward waves with just a couple of strokes.

I've got quite a lot of hair, so had to section it horizontally to get the best results. But even then, the whole process only took about five minutes.

L: Me. R: Also me, but more presentable. Image: supplied.

That included warm-up time, too. The Cabello Glow takes a matter of seconds to reach its 180C default heat setting, which it displays via an LCD screen. Though you can adjust the temperature as high as 230.

Thankfully the teeth are anti-scold, which is a major plus for someone who has previously burned both her fingers and (somehow) neck attempting to straighten her hair.

Of course, because of its size, the Glow isn't intended to deliver the same styling precision as a traditional tong straighteners, but for general smoothing or turning your ends out/under, the results are easily on par.

I've been reliably informed that it's just as effective on curly hair, too.

Also, I should mention, you can pick one up for just $37.99.

Fast, cheap and effective. Yep, that'll do.