CULT BUY: 'The setting spray that actually keeps my makeup where I put it all day long.'


My name is Keryn and I have a bad case of train face.

Every morning it’s the same.

I pop my makeup on, tryin’ to remember what those fancy YouTube tutorials taught me, and then I head out for my morning commute.

By the time I get to work I’m a hot, sweaty mess.

My face has melted and there’s more of my makeup on the train poles than on my skin.

For a long time I thought train face was just my sweaty, awkward destiny.

Then I discovered the glorious invention that is BYS Makeup Setting Spray, $8.98, with a matte finish.

This little bottle is full of magic. Image: supplied.

I just spray it on my face after I apply my makeup and it, erm, sets it.

face setting spray review
My on the way to work face (left) versus my end of the day face (right). Image supplied.

So by the time I get to work I still have makeup on my face.

And by the time I leave the office in the afternoon... I still have makeup on my face.

And by the time I get home at night... I still have makeup on my face.

It has a matte finish too, so that means it doesn't add to the shininess of my shiny, shiny face.

It's a train face miracle, people.

The best bit? This nifty lil' spray costs less than 10 bucks.

That's a bargain fix for my sweaty, train face.

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