Buy your favourite brands online and donate to charity with

Ever felt guilty about spending too much money online? Well, now you don’t have to with — a new online shopping hub.

This slick new startup offers a new and innovative way to feel good about shopping at your favourite online store. For every purchase you make, you’ll actually be helping to raise money for Cancer Council Australia.

The concept is simple, you shop at your favourite online stores and they will pay a portion of the sale price to for bringing your purchase to them. The team at Buynate will then donate that money to help fight and prevent cancer through Cancer Council Australia. All you have to do is go through them and use one of their links to get your shopping done.

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And there’s plenty of choice — Buynate have teamed up with over 50 of Australia’s leading online stores. So, whether you need fashion and accessories or skincare and beauty products, it’s all there. You can even furnish your home or get dinner delivered to your house!

As co-founder of Buynate, Hamilton Slade, points out: “As everyday Australians, we care about charities but don’t really know how to support them. For most of us there’s very limited opportunity to contribute philanthropic projects.” That’s why Buynate bundles discounts and donations into one neat package.

“For the consumer, there’s two key differences when they purchase through,” Hamilton says.”Their purchase will be cheaper and it will be doing good. They know a portion of the money they have paid will be donated straight to Cancer Council Australia.”

The co-founder of Buynate, Hamilton Slade.

Everyone involved benefits from The Cancer Council are able to raise money without fundraising costs and can use the money for research and awareness projects.

Shoppers are able to take advantage of the available discount codes and be proud of their purchase knowing they are contributing to a good cause and stores are able to attract new buyers and promote sales.

So, if you want to throw our support behind these guys next time time you shop, don’t just buy, Buynate!

Checkout the website here, or follow them on social media:

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